beyond the grave like lazarus

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The PriMORDIAL COW at the beginning of creation, the primordial waters, giving its flesh in the beginning of the world, and there lies that celestial Krishna boy milking that cow giving his hands and palms in the milk that flows all over creation, and the body and the breasts of the woman as she flows from his hair, and becomes the primordial waters, and the rays of light come from his hands as he milks that celestial cow, that becomes the world and all of the universe from his hands of that celestial hero, with his dark and blue skin, and yellow eyes of the Sun, as he sees through it all, with his hand milking that primordial cow at the beginning of creation that becomes the milky way, and the star, and the planets that form out of his hands as he strums that harmony with those hands, strums those cosmos with those rays of light that come through his eyes and that goddess of those primordial waters that flows from the strands of his hair, that cow keepers son, that boy from the dirt, and the tree that stands behind him, and the cow as he takes the flesh from that cow and makes the strands of the dirt, as his hands play on the utters like he is playing a musical instrument with that harmony and that order does he strum those stars in motion and order as he milks that primordial cow, and the OMMMMMMM, and the sounds that are nothingness, at play in this celestial moments that is in all moment , and in all time, in the flowing waters, in the primordial ooze, like some sewers, like some teenage mutant turtles where that planet does rest on their backs after the stirring of those waters as he milks those udders and rests it on those teenage mutants turtles backs and the river, and the goddess, and the tree, and the cow, and the flesh, and the giants from the waters, as the acorns fall from that tree, into the waters as the goddess comes out of the waters, and the sperm, and the sea foam, as she walks she does create, from her steps are the flowers, and she drowns herself in those waters to become something else, as she sacrifices herself in those waters, and she walks in backwards around those waters, and creating that primordial ooze like ninja turtles on backs, and the waters, are churned like butter, they are the like gold strands of her hair, as that cow comes out of those waters with that cow herder, and the giants, and the third eye does see from the boys head, in blazing fire comes from his head with that head dress of skulls does he see death through his third eyes that are blazing out from the flow, from the churning of that ooze from where she steps like flowers upon the nothingness, upon that matter and space, and churning and reviling of that primordial ocean, and the darkness, with that light of that dirty cow herder, and the light from her hair, and her darkness, as she takes the sperm of the milk, from the cow herder, and fucks him that little blue Krishna man, and does create the others, the other beings, the manifestation of all eternity, from the flesh, from her steps into the light, from the flow and waters from these strands of his hair, into that light and in those colors, and flowing udder churning together like the milk that stands at the edge of the chaos of the nothingness of that eternity, of the space and stars and the way, as it does churn creating other worlds from the musical instruments with that harmony and that order that boy does bring into creation as he does play, as he milks that cow, eating of the flesh that becomes all the islands and the green and the tree that comes from those notes, that comes from that chaos and the nothingness as that little blue Krishna boy does play and mingles in the water of the flesh from that primordial cow and in the light that comes from his fingers and from his playing, as they mingle together to become in the world and the stars and the night, as he churns, as he plays, as she steps across the emptiness, to make light, to make the waters of this abyss, the ultimate, the nothingness, the creation, the sound, the sperm, the waters, the seed, the egg broken, the sounds in the vacuum, the negative, the nothing, the everything, the churning, the nothing, created from her steps, from the foam of that primordial cow at the beginning of time, underneath the tree, it was adam or it was eve, playing hymns, underneath the light, and the waters and the stars, for all eternity, over and over again, to the eons, to milky way of that cow at the beginning, in those waters churning up his sperm, inside her womb from till eternity, again and again, both becoming something and nothing in her waters like flowers steps into the light is this infinite conception and contraception that she should have used with that little blue Krishna boy at the beginning of time but there would have been nothing right, played out and the sameness of creation over and over again, and nothingness, that plays and churns and plays and damn darkness and the snake that is there, darkness and death that is inside, as it churns together in the light, and in the darkness at the beginning, as that little Krishna boy plays his song and milks that primordial cow in the light, and she steps towards him without that contraception through the strands of his hair that does flow and is those waters of immortality as they churn at the beginning, and at the end, with that primordial cow, for all eternity, with the strands of the notes that he did play in harmonic accord did he sound as the planets moved like piano keys he did sound as he milked those cows utters, and she did stand back in the strands of his hair without her contraception to conceive the waters that did make creation and order as he played those notes like the chorus and the understanding that did ensue as he did play those notes and that milk that did churn like butter on the ooze of those ninja turtles backs, as he played those notes on the order and the harmony and she did stand back to listen, looking with her sharp but dark eyes as she laid down to listen in the strands of his hair, as she did listen to the forms and order with her dark eyes that did see the nothingness that came from the notes and the harmony and the sounding of the stars and the planets and the river of the milky way that did form from those utters as that little blue Krishna boy did give sound to the harmony in mathematic interludes and processions that did come from those notes that did display themselves as she slept with her dark eyes that did gaze upon him, as he played the notes and had the harmony and the flesh of the primordial cow that did become the cosmos at the beginning and at the end, as she slept in his flowing hair to becomes the waters and to conceive like adam and eve at the beginning and at the end, as he played those stars and those planets in that order, as she waited with that contraception to conceive to come into being, from the order from the chaos from the nothingness, from the sound, from OMMMMM of that piano, like keys he did play on that primordial cow, as she did sleep in the strands of his hair, waiting with dark eyes gazing, as he played the harmony and light from those cow utters, that dirty cow keeper, that blue Krishna boy at the beginning and at the end.


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