beyond the grave like lazarus

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Jack Tales

Those triples and those Jack Tales in weird symbiosis and Long Hard Hitters moralizing to me

engrained in the confusion of existence

coming for me

coming for personal understanding

and steady manifestations of the same thing

played out on the eons

stars to the concords

sequencing like DNA


out of this world

inward and outward

and in fathoms

but really just to the small

really just small understandings

small things about yourself

that you really want to know

really want to try and understand

meaningless moments

in the circle

in the triad

those triples of this life

past present future

life death and in between

the sky and the earth and

the darkness

young kind of old and


to discovery

the yin and the fucking yang

played out

in the trepidations

and plagues

that are coming for me

taking me to the afterlife

but only after I get some understandings

about this here life

and its after effects

when I'm gone

and not coming back

not rented to the highest bidder

but to the lowest

flows and ebbs

the sphinx

the mysteries

like elysium

fathoms and tapestries

cycles like seasons

on the endless


but wonder at the beauty

dont never forget it

go back the grind

to eternal bliss

eternal bliss at death

at it allegiance

and its giving

at you the animal

as the planets move and you look

up into the stars

into that SUN of RA

that after living and

ever living

the serious movements

the serious demonstrations

turbulent harpsichords

turbulent displays

triumphant displays

giving it overflowed producing it


in the wonder

underneath where those fairies are

singing to darkness with their little dances and


where Jack saw them

and talked with them

until they went back into their little mounds

and Jack played with himself

whack a mole his cock

thinking about those little Fairies

in their darkness

he thought about his own faults and deficiencies

as a human being

but then he wondered if they were deficiences at all

just apart of his nature

and Jack accept it as apart of himself

and just did what the little fairies told him really

nothing less and nothing more

but he did want to participate in life so

he did so

those were all the things that he wanted out of life

but then maybe he would forget how to live

and wondered about that as well

but the Sphinx rose over him and over it all

with his riddles and her voice

as Jack ventured near and far

looking for the answers to this life and the next

and he met that riddle head on

he met it at the beginning and at the middle, and

at the end, and all the hardness and the softness

in between, and thousands of years in between

did Jack see as he went

and he met the dragon down under the sea

with his legions of fishes and sea creatures

and Diamonds, in his eyes, like flashes of Lightning,

and he see and play his old fiddle

to that dragon underneath the sea in displays of

Lightning and Thunder,

did he display it, as that dragon underneath the sea with

eyes like fire, as that dragon

gave old Jack a Diamond as big a round as his head,

and jack was very covetous of that Diamond,

as he gaze up into it, and found himself in a deep well,

where a Creature he had never seen before was guarding over

that well, that well that sat under that ocean, for that Diamond

from that Dragon brought him here, and there was some acorns and nuts

in that water and Jack thought they might be good, as he took some bites

of those nuts that the Strange Monster had dropped in the well

and told him to eat, that Strange Monster that had blood on his lips,

and looked like a Giant and that there Giant challenged him,

to play a ball game to the Death, for if he lost that Giant told

he wouldnt never see his family again,

but if he won that he would let me see the Spider Woman, on the other side

of the world,

so Jack told that there Monster, that there Giant with Blood dripping

from his lips, and he told him he would play his old Ball Game,

and they played and that Giant shook the earth with his playing,

with his Blood a dripping from that Ball as he shook the earth,

and Jack was playing and he was losing bad, till he saw, a Big Eagle

swoop down from the sky, with Lightning in that old Birds Eyes,

and Jack did think it strange to himself, to see that old Bird take off with

that Ball, and take Jack up there with him, and didnt he see the whole place

out there in the Sky,

and that Big Bird dropped him off at the Mountain,

where the Spider Lady was,

and old Jack thought to himself, here we go again,

another Monster for him what to out wit, and

find some more knowledge that he was looking for,

but didnt you know it, that Spider Lady was the most Pretty

woman he had ever gazed on before, and that Spider Lady told him

about another old Friend she knew, but old Jack was awful tired,

and did he just wish to go on home so he could see his Ma

and told her about all the wonders that he did see went he sat out

just to go get him some firewood, so old Jack schemed something from that old

Spider Lady, he schemed up something to trick her good, as he told her,

he knew a big old Giant and wasn't he the most handsomest Fellar you ever did see,

and that Spider Lady needed her an old man to tote her firewood around for her,

dont you know so she fell right in Jacks old scheming, as he got out that Diamond, and told her to look real hard till she saw that old Giant, as Jack lit out like you wouldn't believe.

Yes Sir, he did. He lit out back home, and told his Ma about all those wonders he did see,

but she just through up her hands, and told him she had some stew on the fire, and had

been waiting for the kindling, so she could cook the rest of that stew, as Jack

sat and wondered lookin far out to those hills, about all those wonders he had seen.

Did he wonder. Yes Sir he did.


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and Jack was playing and he was losing bad till he saw a Big Eagle

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